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Creative Movement
This class is designed to encourage our youngest students in the exploration of music, movement, and rhythmic skills. Set in a positive, fun environment where their imaginations can soar.

A great way to start! This is a combination Ballet/Tap class that uses music, props, games and coloring pages to introduce dance in a motivating format. Coordination, rhythmic, patterning, developmental and pre-reading and writing skills implemented.

Kindergarten/1st Grade
A more advanced level for Kindergarteners and a good entry level for our 1st graders. Presented in the same format as the Preschool/Kindergarten class but with more complex patterns, sequences and traveling movements. Strives to engage, entertain and develop continuing skills.

Classical Ballet
Our goad is to motivate and inspire our students to enjoy and love Ballet. Ballet is the foundation of dance technique. It is recommended for all students to ensure an appropriate basis for all other techniques. Classical Ballet is presented in a curriculum-based format. Class encompases all aspects of traditional training including; barre, stretch, adagio, grande and petit allegro, turns and leaps.


Class consists of a blend of ballet and modern styles. It incorporates the strong technical aspect of ballet with modern vocabulary, floor work, and torso activated movement. It frequently explores improvisation and diverse cultural influences.


Classes consist of warmup, floor work, traveling movements, across the floor, turns, jumps, leaps and combinations. Set to upbeat appropriate music. Standard technique and vocabulary emphasized.  

Rhythmic sounds patterns and step sequences are taught, advancing in difficulty of speed and patterns as levels progress. Rhythmic tap, ear training, tap barres and combinations are incoorporated to create an upbeat classroom environment. A variety of music is employed including Swing, Broadway, Trip Hop, Be Bop, Latin, Acoustic, Urban and Ethnic.

Available for the serious students that are physically and technically strong enough to participate with teacher permission. Placement and alignment emphasized.

Hip Hop
Highenergy aerobic urban dance style mixed with today's popular music.

Class consists of center, floor, traveling and combintions. Emphasis placed on shape, space, energy content and design. Influenced by techniques that are standards of the industry such as Graham, Ailey, Horton, Tharp, Limon, Cunningham, Taylor and more.

Private Lessons
Privates are offered for all techniques listed above and can be scheduled at your convenience. Work one on one with the instructor of your choice to refine, prefect and progress at your own pace.
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